Mango: Essay on Mango for Students


A mango is a very juicy fruit that is mostly found in tropical areas. Mangoes have very many health benefits which makes it a popular fruit around the world. A ripe mango can be used to make healthy and natural fruit juices. It has a very unique flavor which is why many juice brands often offer a mango flavored drink.

Where the mango was first discovered

Mangoes are believed to have been first discovered in North East of India in the areas of Bangladesh and Western Myanmar. Scientists came to this conclusion after fossil remains were discovered in the regions that were dated to be between 25 and 30 million years old.

It is hence assumed that mangoes were first cultivated in the Indian region before the practice spread to other Asian countries and to other parts of the world. The spread of mangoes to other countries came as a result of the travels of Buddhist monks who tool mangoes to East Africa and Malaya. When the Portuguese also came to India in the fifteenth century, they spread the art of domesticating and cultivating the fruit to other continents.

Characteristics of a mango

  1. An unripe mango is green in colour and it is usually very sour.
  2. When a mango becomes ripe, it changes its colour from green to a pale yellow or orange and it is also very sweet.
  3. A mature and ready mango fruit has a weight of about a quarter pound to 3 pounds.
  4. A mango fruit usually takes a round shape. Some other mango varieties may however take an ovate shape.
  5. A ripe and mature mango fruit has a smooth and thin skin. The skin is also tough to protect the inner fruit.
  6. A mango fruit has one seed that is usually flat and is centrally located.
  7. The flesh of a ripe mango fruit is juicy and has fiber.

Where do most mangoes come from?

  1. India can be termed as the country that produces the highest amounts of mangoes. On average, the country produces 18 million tonnes of mangoes annually. There are over 2,309,000 acres of land that is set aside for mango farming. Some of the states that produce a lot of mangoes in the country include Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra.
  2. China is also another country that produces a lot of mangoes. The country can produce an average of 4.77 million tonnes of mango fruits annually. The southern region of the country is where mangoes are mostly grown due to the warmer temperatures.
  3. Thailand is also a country that produces and average of 3.4 million tonnes of mangoes annually. 753,671 acres of land in the country have been set aside for mango farming. The country mostly exports processed versions of the fruit which may include dried, frozen and canned. Fresh mango fruits are also exported.
  4. Mexico is also a leading producer of the mango fruit. On average, about 1,911, 108 tonnes of mango fruit are produced annually in the country. The country is the number one exporter of mangoes to the USA as over 70% of mangoes eaten in the USA come from Mexico.
  5. Pakistan produces has an average annual production of about 1,784,300 tonnes of mangoes.
  6. Brazil is a country that has a climate and soil type that is most favorable for mango farming. About 1, 188,910 tonnes of mangoes are produced annually in the country. The country however mostly produces the Tommy Atkins variety which has low prices in the global market. Other varieties are however being introduced.
  7. Nigeria is the leading producer of mango fruit in the African continent. On average, 790,200 tonnes of mangoes are produced annually. This equates to about 3% of the total world mango production.

National fruit of India

The National fruit of India is the Mango fruit. India is the leading producer of the mango fruit in the world. In the country, the mango fruit is a representation of abundance, prosperity and wealth. The fruit was first discovered in the region billions of years ago. Indian rulers also planted mango trees on the side of roads and this served as a symbol of prosperity. Due to the rich background that the fruit has in India, it is the perfect representation of a mango fruit.


The mango fruit is a very beneficial fruit. Besides its many nutritional and health benefits, it is a fruit that is very sweet and refreshing. The mango fruit has been in existence for a long time and its cultivation originated in India. However, over the years, the fruit has spread to other parts of the world where different varieties are grown.

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