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Is Artificial Intelligence Behind the Growth of the Online Casino Industry?

Artificial Intelligence

The online casino industry is using artificial intelligence for seamless experience for online gamblers

There’s no doubt the online casino market has grown at impressive rates over the last ten years. In the United Kingdom alone, reports suggest the online gambling industry will increase by over $80 million by 2024. The question many people are asking, though, is why? What have been the recent driving factors in the growth of online gambling in countries like the UK? In this article, we seek to answer this question.

Factors Driving The Online Casino Industry Higher

Many factors have helped the online casino industry become a billion-dollar market. For example, the inclusion of digital wallets like PayPal has helped casino operators appeal to those demographics who want quick and fast transactions. Likewise, daily and weekly casino bonuses and promotions have also increased registration figures across online casinos. For instance, there are slot games like Wonder Wheel, which give players one free spin each day. Offers like this one mean that every day, people playing Wonder Wheel get the chance to win prizes like cash, live casino bonuses, and free sportsbook bets. In other words, if at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again. Extra features like e-wallet options and daily and weekly bonuses entice new and existing gamblers to return to online casinos, which, in turn, helps increase the industry’s market value.

Aside from these factors, the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) technology has also helped to exponentially transform the online casino market. Over the past few years, we have seen more online casino operators and gaming software providers use AI technology to collect data on new and returning players. Online casino operators need to understand their customers to maintain relevancy and create targeted marketing campaigns. One of the best ways to do this is through AI, which determines what games players access the most, how often a company’s website is visited, and how much their consumers wager on games and sporting events. AI in online gambling also offers higher-quality customer service through advanced bots. Moving forward, some people suspect we will see AI play an even more significant role in online casino games. For example, there’s reason to believe that due to the rising popularity of both live casino games and AI, there’s going to come a time when live games may feature AI dealers who interact with players in real-time. Whilst this may seem unfathomable to some readers, it’s true that with every new advancement in AI, we get closer to this becoming a reality. Of course, there would be both advantages and disadvantages to AI dealers. The advantage would be that casino operators could save on personnel costs, but the disadvantage is that real employees would lose their jobs to the technology.

Ever since the gambling industry transitioned online, it has hit a consistent stream of milestones. A large part of this is because online casino operators have welcomed the change and embraced the right technologies at the right time. That includes AI and online payment systems. These businesses also understand generating customer loyalty through daily and weekly bonuses and promotions. 

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