Importance of Independence – Essay

Independence refers to the state of being free from influence or rule by any external party or person. With independence comes the free will to manage oneself while at the same time being able to make rules and do what is right by yourself. The opposite of independence is dependence where a person, a business or a country is under the control and influence of someone else. This can be uncomfortable.

It gives a feeling of pride and self-fulfillment because to be independent, you have to earn it no one can hand it over to you free.

It opens up the mind to new ideas and abilities as it finally breaks the dependence for other people to think and tell you what to do.

Independence also favors growth and development as you become the principle benefactor to whichever breakthroughs and profits that you make.

It is a gateway to better relationships because with independence comes voice and with voice you can be able to stand out as who you really are.

Independence also creates an opportunity for investment as investors will now see you as a sole entity and not subject to influence or control by other parties.

It helps grow the economy through the removal of the statutes that the colonizers have put against you and therefore the economy benefits first hand.

Independence comes in so many levels yet the principle feeling it generates is relief. Knowing that you are not subjected to the beliefs, ideas and the law that has been made in the absence of your contribution is perhaps the best feeling that one can ever have.

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