Importance of Gandhi Jayanti

The 2nd of October in India is a public holiday called Gandhi Jayanti. October 2nd was Gandhi’s birthday, and so this holiday celebrates Gandhi’s birth and also his life. This holiday is important because it recognizes one of the most important figures in the twentieth century in Indian politics.

Gandhi was important because it was he and his followers who helped to end British colonial rule in India – finally, India became an independent country in 1949, and this was very much due to Gandhi. As a result, many people call Gandhi by the unofficial title of ‘Father of the Nation’ which reflects his important role in making India into its own nation. Gandhi also inspired people throughout the world with his emphasis on the power of non violent action. Unfortunately, he was assassinated before he could see Indian independence: he died in 1948.

Gandhi is often called Mahatma Gandhi. Here, Mahatma means ‘great soul’ which testifies to his spiritual and political importance.

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