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How I Spent My Holidays – Short Essay

Students consider summer holidays as the best time for exploring new hobbies and their surroundings. In this time they do not have any study pressure and mental stress. This also gives them the much-required respite from the scorching heat.

This is how I spent my last summer holiday

After my vacations started, for a month I went to some summer camps where I played lots of different games and learned some new sports like karate, Tennis, Hockey, Horse riding, etc. and made lots of friends there.

After a month my parents took us to a beach-side resort. What a fantastic place! We had a large villa to ourselves surrounded by a big garden.

That evening we drove to one of the beaches close by and played till it got dark. The beach-side restaurant smelt amazing, and we headed to it. The food tasted even better than it smelled!

We came back home, and I slept in a cozy bed in a room that I selected for myself. Its window had a beautiful rose plant growing around it and made me feel like a princess.

The next morning and many mornings after that, we went to the beach with all our gear. We would visit a different beach every day, some with slides some with people trying their hand gliding etc. and would spend the entire day there.

In the evening we would go to the swimming pool or to the play area where I played while my parents relaxed on the chairs around the area. Some mornings I awoke early and went to the animal farm on the resort to play with the little lambs and kids and feed the donkey!

After two weeks we came back home rejuvenated and happy. It was one of my best summer vacations so far.

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