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How AI is helping to improve Cricket



Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. One of the countries where it seems to be growing more and more in popularity is India. the IPL has grown rapidly and is now a major sporting attraction in the country. It attracts viewers from around the world who are looking for the very best in live cricket and the best cricket betting market.

While cricket clearly requires a great deal of skill, the tools needed to play the game have always been quite basic. However, to keep itself relevant and up to date, the sport has had to move with the times. This has meant that it has had to tap into the latest technology. We’re going to take a look at how artificial intelligence (AI) has benefited the sport so far. 

Recruiting new players

At the start of each season, the Indian Premier League sees an auction take place. This is where teams bid on the players that they want to join their teams. Previously, analysing all of the required information that was needed to make informed decisions took a huge amount of time. The introduction of AI has changed this.

AI is now able to do all of the work on behalf of the coaches. It can analyse data based on performance, as well as health, meaning that coaches have the full picture when looking at any player.

Providing in-game feedback

AI is not just about preparing for games. It can be utilised during a match itself. One way that this is done is by providing information to bowlers. AI gives them an insight into the last ball that they bowled. They get to find out the speed as well as how far it travelled before it first bounced.

For batsmen too, there are advantages. AI allows them to keep an accurate record of their strike rate. It can also analyse the force of their shots and the average hitting distance. All of this information can be used within a match to change the strategy that is being used.

Live decisions

There are times when decisions are just too close to call during a cricket match. At present, when this happens, the norm is to turn to the third umpire. This official will watch numerous replays of the action and feedback to the first official what the outcome was. AI will eventually give this third umpire even more of an insight.

AI can tell, with precious, of a batsman has been run out. It can reveal with 100% accuracy whether or not the bat and ball are connected. There is so much that AI can do that the human eye and ear just aren’t capable of.

Player health

AI is also allowing teams to keep an eye on their players and ensure that they are safe. There is the ability to monitor movement, heart rate, oxygen levels, and so much more. AI can even offer a diagnosis of any health conditions that it comes across. 

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