Horse: Essay on Horse for Students


A horse is a domesticated animal that has solid hooves and is also herbivorous. Horses usually have a mane that found on its back and a tail. A horse is mainly used to carry people and to pull things. Horses have been used for a long time and in the ancient times, they were used during wars. These animals are gentle and are also very strong and can run very fast.


The evolution of horses took place millions of years ago. After their evolution, horses were mainly wild animals. According to research, horses were first discovered in the 30000BC in the Paleolithic cave art.

Later, people started domesticating them for their many benefits. The first place where horses were first domesticated has been conflicted. Archeological research however has shown that the domestication of horses started in the Eastern Steppes in the 3500BC era. This was in the Botai regions in Kazakhstan. Horses were domesticated to be used to handle agricultural work by pulling carts, to transport people and goods and they were also used in war.

Breeds of horses

  1. The Arabian horse breed is a very olden breed of horse. Through this breed, other breeds of horses have been introduced. It has a small face that has a concave shape. Their ears are pointed and their tails are highly positioned. This breed of mainly used for long distance racing. Arabian breeds are of solid colors like grey and some have white marks on their legs.
  2. American quarter is a horse breed that is very popular in the American continent. These horses gained their names due to their reputation of winning quarter mile races. They have very muscular body structures and are also of solid colors. Some have white marks on their legs and head.
  3. The American paint horse first originated from the ancient Roman Empire. They have beautiful markings on their bodies that are accompanies with different patterns. They have bodies that are athletic.
  4. Thoroughbred horse is a horse that is mostly used for racing. This breed came from Britain where they demonstrated exemplary performance in racing and other sports like show jumping. They are found in colours like chestnut, bay and black. They have lean body structures.
  5. Appaloosa is a breed of horses whose origins can be traced to the USA. These breeds of horses have lips, nose and genitals that have a molted skin.
  6. Warmbloods is a horse breed is a horse that was mainly used in battle during the ancient days. This horse has a large body and also has a phlegmatic temperament that makes it the ideal horse for the battlefield.
  7. The Morgan horse is a breed that is known for its strength and grace. Due to its elegance, this horse served as a cultural symbol in the olden days. In the modern day, it is used for riding especially in ranches.
  8. Ponies are a breed of horses that is shorter in statute. These horses are easily ridden by children and by short people.

Uses of horses

  1. Horses are used for Horse racing is a popular sport around the world. Horses are very fast animals which makes them suitable for racing.
  2. Horses can also be used in farming. This is where they are used to pull ploughs that are used to till the land or even harvest. The practice of using horses for farming is popular in countries like Cuba.
  3. Horses are also used for This is especially in areas where there are no modern means of transport. The use of horses for transportation started in the olden days.
  4. A horse also serves as a companion. Some people prefer to keep horses so that they can walk around with them.
  5. Horses are also used in agricultural shows. This is where people, especially those in farming areas come together to display their breeds of horses and those with the majestic and healthy breeds get awards.

Horse and human relationship

Horses and humans are believed to have very strong relationships. This could be because

  1. Horses are characteristically very social. This socialism is extended to their human owners.
  2. Horses are also family oriented. This makes them get drawn to their owners. They therefore consider each other family.
  3. Horses associate familiarity with acceptance, discipline and confidence which makes their relationship with human beings that are close to them to be smooth.
  4. They are amazing communicators making their interaction with human beings one that is workable and logical.
  5. The natural world of horses is rooted to relationships. Relationships are the strength of the herd. This is extended to their human owners.


Horses are one of the closest animals to human beings. They are useful ones domesticated and will help the owner carry out most work particularly in farm work and herding. Horses are also a fundamental earner for the owners.

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