Here’s How To Use ‘Travel Now & Pay Later’ Services While Planning A Trip

After being home arrested for months, travellers are now ready to pack their bags again and get on the road. That said, travel is still a slippery slope and uncertainty looms at every step. To encourage travel, many organisations have come up with travel now and pay later options. Plus, if you are a little tight on a budget right now, this flexibility to pay later can make your luxury travel dreams come true! If you are unsure about how this travel now and pay later option works, here’s what you need to know!

How Does The ‘Travel Now, Pay Later’ Option Work?

If you are looking for a hotel or a flight, check for the ‘pay later’ option. If you find an option, check your credit card through online applications to determine the amount you qualify for installments. Then, you might just have to make one-quarter of the total purchase and get your hotel or flight confirmation immediately. The remaining payment will be deducted automatically from your account.

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Will The Pay Later Option Impact Your Credit Score?

If you are worried about your credit score, there will be no impact on it and there are no fees. These charges are initiated automatically, which means that even if your account gets low, those charges are still going to happen. Different retailers have partnerships with different payment systems, so you might need multiple accounts. 

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Can It Be Wise To Opt For A Super Expensive Trip?

While these services can be a great way to avoid credit card debt, think twice before you book anything that is way beyond your budget. Ask yourself if you can repay it in six months’ time. If you are planning a bigger trip, you might want to opt for a longer EMI option. In short, cut your coat according to your size. 

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How To Maximise The Benefits?

Even if you are travelling after six months, if you find a good deal, try and lock it. The offers are valid only for a certain period and require you to act quickly. Using the ‘pay later’ services makes it easy to budget for a bigger trip. Did you know you could book an entire trip abroad with the ‘pay later’ option?


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