Get An Abra Ride To This Absolute Romantic Restaurant In Madinat Jumeirah, In Dubai

Almost floating over Madinat’s waterway, this Thai restaurant is the perfect dining destination for you and a loved one. If you’ve been looking for a romantic eatery with great food, Pai Thai has got to be on your radar. Located at the luxurious Jumeirah Dar Masyaf Hotel, the memorable experience begins with a serene Abra ride through Madinat’s waterway, as you set sail to the perfect romantic dining destination.

A Traditional But Contemporary Restaurant With Vintage-Style Fans And A Library Room

Onboard, you’ll be greeted into an authentic yet modern and vibrant restaurant. The interior is intimate and pleasant. The restaurant opens to scenic terrace seating. As you dine overlooking blue waters and the iconic Burj Al Arab, which is simply breathtaking. The restaurant comprises two main restaurant areas. On the right of the entrance is a dining room, with dark woods, vintage-style fans and artwork on the walls. On the left is a beautiful ‘library room’ restaurant, which is dimly lit and intimate for dining.

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The Hike In An Abra Ride Is One Of The Most Serene Highlights Of This Surreal Getaway

Embark on a journey of gourmet discovery at Pai Thai, reachable only by an abra across the waterways of Madinat Jumeirah. Alfresco dining will never be the same once you’ve been to Pai Thai. Outdoors is a lovely terrace that overlooks the tranquil channel. There are different Abra Stations located within Madinat Jumeirah hotel. You can approach any one of them. In case you want to enjoy a little longer ride, you may avail Abra from Mina Salam Abra Station. This is the feature that makes the experience all the more treasured.

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From Breathtaking Views To A Menu That Weaves Culinary magic, This Place Is Nostalgically Attractive

Pai Thai offers a wide range of dishes in honour of Thailand’s aromatic, rich and flavourful cuisine. While keeping it original, the menu elevates the experience so you can taste some of the finest Thai food cooked exclusively by Thai Chefs. Using only the freshest ingredients, Pai Thai elevates the Asian island’s traditional fascinating cuisine for a smart dining experience. Light and aromatic dishes, bursting with traditional flavours from the Thailand A menu that weaves culinary magic. At this fanciful little villa, you can taste some of the finest Thai food cooked exclusively by Thai chefs. Relish sun-dried crispy beef, purple flower chicken dumplings and river prawns in a red curry sauce. A blend of breath-taking picturesque and flavourful dishes surely makes it an overall incredible episode.

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Plan a romantic getaway and this gorgeous setting with your loved one and thank us later!




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