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Fast-Growing Bitgert Ecosystem Is Threatening Avalanche Dominance- Crypto Analysts



Key Highlights:

  • Bitgert fast-growing ecosystem means massive adoption, and this threatens Avalanche (AVAX)
  • Bitgert disruptive products and projects have the potential to challenge Avalanche’s dominance

Bitgert (BRISE) is among the crypto projects doing very well in the market right now. In fact, Bitgert tops among the crypto projects widely discussed in the crypto industry. This is because of the massive hype the Bitgert coin has created in the past few months.

Bitgert’S fast-growing ecosystem is one of the biggest reasons why even Avalanche (AVAX) holders are joining Bitgert. In fact, the fast-growing Bitgert ecosystem is increasingly becoming a concern to the Avalanche project. This is because Bitgert is slowly overtaking Avalanche’s dominance in the market.

Bitgert is an EVM project, just like the Avalanche network. Therefore, Avalanche’s influence on the Ethereum chain is being challenged by Bitgert. That’s one of the ways that Bitgert is threatening the Avalanche’s dominance in the crypto market,

Avalanche is marketed as the fastest smart contract. Being an EVM network, many Ethereum projects have migrated to Avalanche for faster chain and cheaper gas. But Bitgert is proving better than Avalanche network. The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is faster and cheaper than the Avalanche. At 100k TPS and $0.00000001 gas fee, Bitgert has made Avalanche appear inferior.

But the Bitgert ecosystem’s fast growth is one of the major reasons Avalanche is concerned. Bitgert has all its ecosystems, including the Bitgert DeFi ecosystem, growing faster than Avalanche ecosystems. The huge number of products and projects that Bitgert is building and adding to the chain is growing its ecosystem faster than Avalanche.

This means that more developers and blockchains are choosing Bitgert over Avalanche. In fact, there are many Ethereum developers considering migrating to Bitgert than Avalanche. That’s how the Avalanche’s dominance is being challenged.

Another important thing to note is the huge number of Bitgert startup studio projects joining the Brise chain. With over 1000 projects coming in the chain in the next few months. They will make the Bitgert ecosystem continue growing faster than Avalanche.

The bottom line is that Bitgert is threatening Avalanche’s dominance in the market. The powerful Bitgert BRC20 blockchain and fast-growing ecosystem are things that will make Bitgert stand out. The Avalanche team will need to do more. Developing the Avalanche faster mainnet is key.

The Avalanche team also needs to make the Avalanche network faster and lower the gas fee. That’s when Avalanche might be able to compete with the Bitgert project.

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