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Facebook is shutting down its college social network, Campus

Facebook had launched a college-focused social networking app called Campus back in September 2020 in a bid to return to its roots and help students connect with their fellow classmates over shared interests. Campus was hidden inside Facebook’s More section and accessible only to those with an @.edu email address. At the time of launch, the company had added 30 colleges to Campus and over time a total of 60 schools and universities were available on the platform with the promise of adding more soon. However, the functionality failed to gain popularity and now, two and a half years after its initial roll out, Facebook is shutting its Campus down.

The development was confirmed by consultant Matt Navrra. In addition to this, the company has also started informing all its users about the change via in-app notification, which says that Campus will shut down on March 10.

“Since we launched the Campus pilot, it’s been our mission to help bring college communities closer together. But we’ve learned that the best way to support students is through Facebook Groups,” the message in the in-app notification says.
The message also says that post March 10, the company will delete everything pertaining to Campus, which includes posts, groups and even profiles. Until then, all the Facebook Campus users will be able to view and download all their data.

Facebook’s latest move is a big blow to its efforts to retain younger users. Leaked internal memos have shown that the teen users from the app have been declining since 2019 and that the trend is likely to last.

It also shows how Meta is cutting its losses by sunsetting features, functionalities or even apps that no longer get the traction that the company had hoped they would. For instance, the company recently announced that it is shutting down its IGTV app, that used to host long form videos, in order to focus on Reel, which is the company’s TikTok-like short video sharing feature. While the company isn’t holding back from experimenting and taking risks, it sure doesn’t hesitate to take down products that no longer meet its expectations or aren’t popular enough among its users.

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