Expo 2020 Dubai Unveils Reverse Waterfall & An Observation Tower With ‘Flying Park’

Expo 2020 kicks off on 1 October and as the date gets closer, the site is adding exciting, new attractions for visitors to enjoy. The Expo 2020 team recently unveiled two stunning new attractions you simply cannot miss. Guests at the Expo can spam their gram with pictures of a reverse waterfall as well as a stunning Expo 2020 Water Feature. Wondering what these are all about? Read on, as we spill the beans!

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Expo 2020 Water Feature

The Expo 2020 Water Feature is docked between the Al Wasl Plaza and Jubilee Park. The special feature of this attraction is that it combines the elements of water, earth and fire. The water feature has water tumbling down a 13-metre high wall. Now, that’s something you need to spam your gram with! Visitors can witness 53 individual waves range from glistening sheets to bursts of water that literally leap from the walls, making a dramatic descent.

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However, the true magic happens at night when the water flows in reverse direction against gravity, as they flow up the walls. That’s not all! The center of the water feature has a ‘mysterious circle of fire’, that produces red, green and yellow hues. The flames are made of pure hydrogen, perfectly matching the Expo 2020 theme of sustainability.

The attraction is further enhanced with an orchestral score from the award-winning composer of the Game of Thrones theme music. The surge of water correlates with masterpiece performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

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Garden In The Sky

While you might have seen Dubai from the Burj Khalifa or the Palm Tower, Expo 2020 also has an observation tower docked 55-metres above the ground. Garden in the Sky is an observation tower and ‘flying park’, which has cabins that can rotate, offering 360-degree views of the 4.38sqkm Expo 2020 Dubai site.

But, wait why is it called garden in the sky? Well, the observation deck’s upper floor is planted with 10 Peltophorum inerme trees – hence the name. Garden in the sky can be found in Jubilee Park.

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