Essay on Nature for Students


Nature is basically the phenomenal reference to the natural, physical or material aspect of life. Nature births words like natural which is used to refer to things that are not made by human beings.

Nature as described by human beings refers to the way things are. Some of the examples of things that can be described to be part of nature include the weather, plants, rivers and mountains.

Nature constitute things that are in existence without human effort or involvement. Natural phenomena are happenings due to natural forces.

Importance of nature in our life

  1. Nature provides human beings as well as animals with food to eat. Some of the plants which grow out in the wild or even in farms are consumed as food.
  2. Water is also a product of nature that is beneficial in the life of living things. It comes from the rain, water bodies like rivers and forms one of the basic but important needs to human and animal life.
  3. Nature also provides shelter which is basically home for animals and human beings in times of need. Because of nature, the living things have a shade in times of rain and when the sun is too hot. They also have a place to rest and sleep at night.
  4. Wood is also an extract of nature. It is sourced from trees and used to build houses and furniture.
  5. Trees attract rain which is helpful in watering plants to achieve growth. The rain is beneficial in providing water as well.
  6. Nature also provides a tourist attraction which brings revenue for so many countries where foreigners visit to marvel at the things nature has blessed individual countries with.
  7. Nature provides minerals like gold and diamond which are used in trade and also in the making of ornaments and jewelry. This brings money and fame for people as well as the countries.
  8. Land forms and land forming processes have been very instrumental in ensuring that the earth is beautiful and that there is a certain order to things and places.
  9. Nature provides gas and fuel which is used in providing energy that drives machines as well as the different forms of motor.
  10. Waterfalls and wind are used to drive turbines that are very instrumental in the generation of electricity to light up houses, drive machine and equipment and give power to different electronic infrastructure.

The beauty of nature

  1. The moon, stars and celestial bodies are a source of light at night but what is noticeable is the fact that they make the sky look so beautiful at night.
  2. The trees and other plantation make the land look beautiful and their distribution is perfect so much so that from an aerial view, the earth appears very nice. Beautiful aerial view is therefore the beauty of nature.
  3. Water bodies also look beautiful and provide a good background from which people can take pictures to create memory.
  4. Animals like the zebra are beautiful to see and that is why tourists travel from their countries just so they can go and appreciate this rare beauty.
  5. Running on grass provides a beautiful feeling and experience which is why many children love to do this. Picnics are also owed to the fact that the grass and trees provide an ambient environment.
  6. The fact that it is possible to write on a dark rock using a lighter colored rock is in itself a beauty of nature. This has been used to create memories that are helpful for a happy life.
  7. Bushwalks are also a famous practice that is credited to the beauty of nature

How can we protect our nature?

  1. Planting of trees will help conserve the environment as it encourages protection of the environment and nature.
  2. Setting up laws to prevent deforestation will help protect nature by preventing the ozone effect and the penetration of U.V light by extension.
  3. Being responsible in as much as pollution is concerned will be instrumental in ensuring that the land is protected from pollutants.
  4. Campaigning for reusable plastic will help establish a pollution free environment.
  5. Using recommended fuel that has no negative impact on the environment is also a good strategy.
  6. Punishing poachers and preventing poaching will help protect animals from extinction and exploitation of a country’s natural resources.
  7. Stopping the blowing up of mountains will help protect land forms and land forming processes.


Conserving the environment is therefore the best way to protect nature. The principle enemy of nature is man and his activities which is why a sense and practice of responsibility in human beings is the best strategy through which the protection of nature can be achieved.

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