Essay on Library for Students


A library is a place that contains a wide collection of reading materials that can be used to access information. In a library, you can get editions of books that cannot be found elsewhere.

Libraries can be found at home, in school or even in public places. There are also digital libraries that can be accessed over the internet.

The main purpose of a library is to provide a platform where people can go to acquire knowledge. A library is not only for people who are in schools but it can be used by every member of the society.

Types of libraries

  1. An academic library is that which is found in higher educational institutions like universities and colleges. This type of library is used by students and faculty members to carry out academic research
  2. school library is that which is used to serve younger students who are from the kindergarten level to grade twelve.
  3. There are also public libraries. These can be found in cities and public places. These libraries are accessible to all members of the public and they have a wide range of materials form educational, informational, entertaining, etc
  4. Special libraries are the types of libraries that are found in special institutions like hospitals, museums, government offices and corporations.
  5. private library is that which is owned by private owners. It is specifically used to serve a particular group of people.

Uses of a library

  1. A library is used to conduct research. People who are conducting extensive research on certain topics use libraries since there is a wide range of materials to get information.
  2. A library is used to preserve knowledge. They can be used to store materials from the past so that they can be used for future referencing.
  3. Libraries also serve recreational purposes. They contain a collection of materials like novels and magazines that people can use for recreation.
  4. A library is also used to provide knowledge to people who cannot afford books. This is because the books in library are available for free.
  5. Libraries also serve academic purposes. Students go to libraries to gain more information on their fields of study and they even offer a quiet place where students can study.
  6. A library is also responsible for creating jobs and employment for people. This includes librarians and other people who work in libraries.
  7. Libraries also provide a place where people can gather and interact. People with common interests in certain fields can get to share their gained research hence benefiting everyone.

Why it is important to have libraries in schools

  1. When there is a library at school, students can have a quiet place where they can go to study and also do their assignments.
  2. A library also ensures that students have a wide access to books. This is important as it cultivates a reading culture among the students. This helps them in their academics.
  3. When a school has a library, they can use it to train students on how to carry out academic researchthrough the use of books. This can greatly help students in their later academic life.
  4. A school library also instills in students the virtue of becoming more responsible. This is because they can borrow books that they have to return in perfect condition after some time.
  5. A school library also helps teachers in their teaching job. They can use the books in the library to come up with teaching strategies and help them adjust to the curriculum.
  6. In a school library, learners also get to engage in group learning. This can greatly help the students in learning about being team players and also help them in making new friends.
  7. A school library also helps students in developing their hobbies and talents. This is through the materials available that can give more information about hobbies.
  8. A school that has a library also has higher levels of student achievement. This is because students have a wide access to learning materials where they can acquire more knowledge.


Libraries are very important to every individual. Most people have the perception that libraries are only used by people in schools but this is not the case. They can be used by anyone in the society as there is a wide range of reading materials to choose from.

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