Essay on Importance of Newspaper in Student Life

Newspaper plays an important role as an educational tool in the life of students. Newspaper is a print medium that is used for public distribution of News in Paper format. Student life is largely dominated by the need for new information and learning.

Newspapers contain all the latest daily happenings around the world, called as News. Newspapers also contain many other valuable information like educational content, entertainment content, sports information, etc.

Newspapers were most in use and circulation in the last century when the print media, as a part of the news and media industry, was at its peak. Now due to the growth of online media, the print media have reduced significantly in use and circulation. Consequently, the usage of newspapers has suffered too.

Importance of newspaper in student life

  1. Newspapers are a cost-effective and readily available source of latest information and happenings. Students find it an affordable and valuable source of learning.
  2. Students can learn about Politics and Political changes from Newspapers. Newspapers publish Political news, updates and educational articles from all over the world.
  3. Newspapers teach students about different Sports and Sporting events. Daily news about all kinds of Sports, Sportsman, Education about Sports, Sports Centres, etc. are published in Newspapers.
  4. Students look for Entertainment sources and updates in Newspapers. Newspapers contain information about Theatre, Movies, Parties, Fairs, etc.
  5. Newspapers contain Career information, sections, articles, supplements, etc. Students can learn about new Career options, available Career opportunities, successful Career paths, etc.
  6. Newspapers are a source of Language learning. Newspapers have properly edited articles with good language usage and students can learn good language usage by reading newspapers.
  7. Students can advertise about their needs in the newspapers. If students need accommodation, study resources, etc. local newspapers are a good medium to advertise.
  8. Business learning is another big advantage of newspapers. Students can learn about the business world from the business section of many newspapers.
  9. Economics focused newspapers also a good sources of learning on Economics and Finance. Students interested in investment, finance and economics can learn from them.
  10. Students can participate in Competitions through their local and national newspapers. Many publishing houses organize competitions to identify new talent.
  11. Newspapers are a great source of learning about Foreign Countries. Many newspapers publish international news and articles from foreign correspondents.
  12. Students can find new travel destinations from newspapers. The travel supplements of newspapers provide detailed travel guides and travel accommodation advice.
  13. Newspapers are also a great source of Inspiration and Motivation. Many newspapers publish life-stories and quotes from Inspirational leaders and personalities.
  14. Cooking and Culinary advice from newspapers is another interesting aspect for students. Student can learn new recipes and find healthy cooking tips in newspapers.
  15. Newspapers contain information on health and well-being. Students can read about and inculcate good habits for a healthy lifestyle.
  16. Students interested in a career in the Media industry find newspapers a particularly interesting read. They can even evaluate some career options in Newspapers.
  17. Students can learn about Yoga and other exercises through newspapers. Many health sections have expert advice from medical and health experts.
  18. Students learn to be objective by reading newspapers. Being informed about the world encourages students to develop a healthy and objective state of mind.
  19. Newspapers are also a good resource for developing debating skills. Many newspapers carry good verbal debates from good authors and editors.
  20. Students can learn history from newspapers too. Studying news articles over time, helps students develop a personal understanding of history and changing times.


Newspapers are particularly valuable for students because they are in a learning phase of their life. Newspapers are a great source of new information, study, updates and literature from various fields of life. In the modern world, students need to adapt themselves to accessing and following the online versions of leading newspapers.

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