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Essay on Importance of Family

We all love our family the most in this world, and those people are very unlucky who don’t have a family because they can’t feel the immense love that one gets from his family.

Only those people know the real importance of family who didn’t get the love from their family or who didn’t have a family. Family always gives strength to a person, and there are indeed other benefits to having a family.

What is a family? A family is made up of parents and children. The extended family includes grandparents, uncles aunts cousins, etc. In a general sense, the family is an aid to include the extended family. These are the people connected to one by blood or by law, that is, by marriage. A family is an immediate connection that you have in the world. They are the people closest to you. They know you in and out as having raised you or being raised together. The family is also something that you make by marrying. In that case, you are connected by law.

Importance of a family can be summarized in the following points

Importance of Family

  • A family, because of the emotional bonding and understanding of the person, is the best supportsystem anyone can have in times of difficulty. We know our family inside out that is why we can trust them in many aspects. If you have to leave your child home when you go to work daily, who could be a better choice than a family member like a grandparent or an aunt?
  • Since you are raised in the presence of the family members and every aspect about you is known, the bonding is solid, and the level of trust is the highest form, with and from them. The feeling of securityis the highest with family members.
  • When a member of a family goes through some experiences, everyone in the family in differing degrees feels that situation and grows from it.
  • The part of the family for better growth of a child is big because of the love, the strength and the motivation that a child gets from his family is not available anywhere else. Our parents, grandparents, siblings, and children are the people who are in the position to love us unconditionally, knowing who we really
  • The resources that a child gets in his initial stages do matter in his growth a lot, and that is where the importance of a family lies because the resources that a child gets from a family is not available anywhere else. A family can share resources such as a house, a car, the household equipment, etc. instead of having a separate one for each member.
  • It is our family that tells us the importance of healthy relationships and how relationships should get held tight even if there are specific problems with them.
  • Since all the members of the family live together, cost sharing is possible. g., rent in case of rented accommodation, electricity, food, etc. becomes spread over the members.
  • Since we have shared many days of our lives, many lively festivals and events together, the bondingbetween family members can never be replaced.
  • The elder members of our family are some of the best role models and guides primarily because of their experiences and secondly because of their having known us. They have our best interests at heart.
  • Having a brother, a sister, a mother and a father is the essential thing in this world because one needs someone to stand up for him, hug him tight when he gets broken, and scold him for his sins.
  • Having common genes makes it easier in times of medical situations to depend on the family. Also, genetics defines the emotional and medical make up of every person. So keeping close to your family keeps you aware of the issues you could be facing.


These were a few crucial points about having a family. Having a family is very vital for every individual because no other individual can match up to the love and care that a family will have for you and no one will invest in you in your bad phases other than your family. Clearly, a family is the most important unit in society. Every individual, almost, begins his or her life in a family. They grow up through the emotional upheavals of being a part of a family and then go ahead to make their own families and grow life and society. The importance of a family is etched onto the psyche of all of us; hence we go in search of a life partner to start a family with.

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