Essay on Importance of English Language in Our Life

The English language is one of the most common languages spoken by people all around the world. In the current world, the importance of English language in our life is massive as we can’t do any tasks in other languages if we want to work in any multinational companies or with an international client in case of a business.

What is the English Language?

Just like any other language, English is a means of communication that living beings use to communicate with and stay connected. It can also be termed as a common ground for many countries that speak different languages. For other nations, it is a national language. They are the likes of the United States, New Zealand, Canada and Australia among others. Other countries such as India, Philippines, and Singapore use it as a second language.

Regardless of how various places see it, it is a communication tool. Vocal and verbal language is an advanced level of communication, used by human beings and some animal and bird species, with slightly more evolved mental functions.

The English language is the most common and popular language of communication in the modern world today: predominantly in the English-speaking world, but also otherwise. The English language consists of several skills including the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

The Importance of English Language in Our Life

Importance of the English language is evident in all areas of modern life including education, work, family and social dimensions. Let us discuss the importance of English language in our life.

  • The English language is a universal language. It present in all aspects of our life today, in some of the other form; all over the world. It forms the very basis of our socio-cultural fabric and also determines the way we think and act.
  • Most of the books and literature available in the world is in English, and so learning to read English is a vital skill.
  • Publishing books, publishing any material on the internet, writing letters, giving exams, require the knowledge of Writing English.
  • Communicating your thoughts, expressing yourself effectively in the modern world today, requires a good level of Speaking English skill.
  • If we know our native language as well as the English language, then we look more sophisticated and more educated than a lot of people near us. For example, Mr. Abhishek Bachchan speaks English and Hindi very well, and thus he looks the most educated actor in the industry.
  • If you are in sports and you want to represent your country, in that case too, you will need the knowledge of the English language, or you may get embarrassed when you play internationally.
  • We will face embarrassed in case any international guest is about to arrive at our house, and we don’t know how to communicate with them.
  • Watching English movies, understanding your friends, contacts, who speak in English, requires an appropriate level of English Listening skills.
  • The most common language of education in the world today is English, and so automatically knowing the English language becomes vital in the field of any education.
  • A large proportion of the career opportunities are available in the English speaking world, and English is an important skill to further your career in the global world of today.
  • A lot of socializing today happens in English because, many people are educated in English and so the social media, social entertainment, social events, etc. are dominated by the English
  • Similarly, since all the recent generations are educated in English, some of them also live in the English speaking world, English has growing
  • A big part of the globalized world communicates in English. For one to enjoy the pleasures of global travel, English language skills are vital. If your communication skills are not excellent, you can’t travel the world. In addition to that, if you insist on international travels, you wouldn’t get much fun traveling the world.
  • Everyone looking for a job in international companies need to understand that if you can’t speak English properly, then there is a chance that someone else might get the job.
  • For all the business owners, who wish their business to reach to different countries, they will need knowledge of the English language to write emails and verbal communication with international clients.


These were a few points portraying the importance of English Language in our life. From that discussion, the influence of the English language in all spheres of life including education, travel, work, social life is evident in today’s modern world. Even if the first language of anyone is not English, he should learn English because you never know when life gives you the gift of traveling internationally

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