Essay on Cleanliness


Cleanliness is basically the practice of being clean as in free from dirt, germ and being able to maintain that state.

It is achieved through cleaning. Cleanliness is one of the determinants of responsibility and consciousness.

Character and the way that people see you can be very well determined by one’s cleanliness particularly because the first impression usually leaves a lasting impression.

Importance of cleanliness

  1. Cleanliness helps maintain a good state of health in that the occupants of the place will remain in good health. Germs are the main causative agents of diseases or illnesses.
  2. Cleanliness also creates a better environment for learning or any other activity taking place in the clean area.
  3. When a place is clean, it makes the activities being carried out there to be more productive as it is free of distractions and hindrances.
  4. Cleanliness also elevates the chances of increased equipment performance. Most tools become less efficient when they are dirty.
  5. Keeping clean is cost effective as it makes it less expensive in terms of costs and time when there is a bigger need for cleaning for purposes of holding an event or receiving visitors.
  6. It reduces the chances of accidents because of orderliness. Disorderliness places things all over the place making it more likely to stumble and fall.
  7. It is said that the mind works best in a clean environment as it inspires the brain to operate soundly.
  8. It creates influence and relationships. People often do not want to associate with dirtiness or disorderliness.
  9. The ability to achieve and maintain cleanliness has been a source of employment and therefore income for a lot of people.

How to maintain cleanliness

  1. Being responsible is one way of maintaining cleanliness because then, one knows the right thing to do.
  2. Bathing regularly helps maintain personal cleanliness as your body and hair are kept free of dirt and germs.
  3. Keeping things in order like chairs being stacked together and debris collected in one place helps achieve and maintain cleanliness in the classroom.
  4. Tidying up materials after use also helps maintain cleanliness as it put things in their correct place hence order is established.
  5. Using disinfectant wipes to clean surfaces of desks, tables and other relevant places will keep them free of dirt or germs.
  6. Picking up litter from the floor is also important as it makes the environment clean and beautiful.
  7. Recycling reusable waste products helps protect the environment from pollutions of different forms.
  8. Employing cleaners in large areas will help ensure the environment is kept in check as tasks are delegated to different people making them accountable for their areas respectively.
  9. Coming up with cleaning schedules that operate on determined frequencies will help ensure cleanliness as periodical disorderliness will not be left to get to extreme points where it actually become dirty and hence a health hazard.

How to keep the school clean

  1. Flushing after using the toilet is one of the best ways to keep the school clean as it makes it comfortable for others to use.
  2. Students should also not write on the tables or on chairs. Writing on furniture makes the classroom disorderly and untidy and this interferes with learning.
  3. Students should also make sure there are no books left on classroom tables.
  4. Arranging the tables and chairs neatly and tidily keeps the class orderly in the sense that it ensures furniture is not in the way.
  5. Wiping or clearing the board at the end of the day or lesson prepares it for the next day so that of study or lesson. It also means that the class is neat.
  6. Picking up litter that is on the floor of the classroom or in the school compound is also maintaining cleanliness as it ensures there is no pollution.
  7. Teaching on responsibility or orderliness also helps maintain cleanliness. When students have this kind of self drive, they will know when and how to do the right thing on their own. This is instrumental in achieving and maintaining cleanliness.
  8. Cutting down grass and trimming plantation also helps keep the school clean. This is because of the fact that it prevents the school environment from being bushy.
  9. Putting trash cans in accessible places makes it easy for waste disposal. Small wastes like wrappings can be disposed off easily when the dust bins are accessible.
  10. Having proper cleaning equipment in schools is also important. With the right tools for the job, cleanliness can be achieved easily.


Cleanliness is a virtue that we should all maintain. This is because a clean person and cleans surroundings not only help us live healthier lives but cleanliness also helps us develop better mental states. Keeping our schools clean is role that every student should undertake.

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