Environment Day: Essay on Environment Day for Students


The world environment day is a day that was specifically set aside by the United Nations to create awareness on the importance of conserving the environment and how we can protect the environment. This day is celebrated on the 5th day of June every year. This day is also known as the Eco Day.


During the year 1972, the first major conference was held in Sweden to discuss environmental issues. The conference took place from June 5 to June 16. It was after this conference that the United Nations general assembly made June 5th the world environment day.

It was a day that was to be celebrated by all countries who are members of the United Nations. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) was also formed. The first world environment day was then celebrated on June 5th 1974.

Why we observe world environment day

  1. The world environment day is celebrated to create awareness of the various environmental issues that exist. Many people are not aware of the issues that are affecting our surroundings.
  2. It is a day that is also celebrated to empower people all over the world to take part in contributing towards environmental conservation. Conserving the environment is a role for every individual and this day ensures that everyone is involved in the practice.
  3. The world environment day is also celebrated to make sure that governments take an active role in conserving the environments.

2018 theme

The theme of the 2018 world environment day that was held in India was ‘Beat Plastic pollution.’ This is a theme that is used to sensitize people, governments and industries to come up with alternative means that will reduce plastic use. Plastics have been a menace all over the world due to their ocean pollution and the dangers they pose to animals and human beings.

2019 theme

The theme of the 2019 world environmental day will be ‘Innovative solutions for environmental challenges and sustainable consumption and production.’ This is a theme that will be used to create awareness on the solutions that can be undertaken to deal with the environmental challenges around the globe.

Why we should save the environment

  1. The environment is a source of food. We get our food from the environment and we should hence conserve it to reduce chances of future starvation and famine.
  2. The environment should also be conserved to maintain good climatic conditions. Environmental pollution is the major cause of negative climatic changes and global warming.
  3. Another reason for saving the environment is to maintain good health. This is because environmental pollution has major health hazards.
  4. We should also conserve the environment to ensure that we maintain the populations of animals. This includes both marine and wild animals whose populations decrease due to environmental degradation.
  5. We should save the environment as it is a gift that we can give to future generations. Partaking in environmental conservation practices will ensure that the future generations have a clean and healthy planet.
  6. Saving our environment will also ensure that there is a steady supply of clean water around the world. This is because all the water that is consumed in the world comes from our environment.
  7. The environment also a major source of medicinal raw material. Most of the medicines are gotten from the environment hence the need to conserve it.

How can we save the environment?

  1. Reducing plastic consumption is one of the ways of conserving the environment. This is because plastic use is a major cause of environmental pollution.
  2. We can also save the environment through educating people about the importance of the environment and how they can take part in environmental conservation.
  3. Taking part is regular community cleanups is also a way of conserving our environment. This will give at least one day when we can reduce pollution and environmental hazards.
  4. Conserving energy also results into environmental conservation. This is because high energy consumption leads to degradation of environment through increased power plants.
  5. Planting trees will also save the environment as trees offer great climatic benefits as they help combat air pollution
  6. You can also switch to using public transport once in a while to ensure that you reduce air pollution.
  7. It is also advisable to quit smoking as smoke released by smokers is a health hazard as well as an environmental pollutant.


Everyone should take part in environmental conservation. This is because the environment is an important part of our planet. There are also numerous benefits that we receive from the environment. If the levels of environmental degradation continue to increase, it would lead to the death of the planet.

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