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End of Work from home? Google calls employees back to office from April 4

Work from home comes to an end for most tech companies including Google. The US-based tech giant is the latest company to call employees back to the office. It is calling workers in the Bay Area and several other cities back to the office from April 4.

John Casey, Google’s vice president of global benefits sent an email to all employees calling them to return to the office from next month as COVID-19 cases drop significantly. Casey stated in the official email, “the advances in prevention and treatment, the steady decline in cases that we continue to see, and the improved safety measures we have implemented across our Bay Area site now mean we can officially begin the transition to the hybrid work week”.

A Bloomberg report highlighted that Google employees will need to be in the office at least three days a week from next month, while on other two days they will work from home. The company calls this a flexible workweek arrangement. Notably, this work strategy is currently applicable for employees in the San Francisco Bay Area and other cities in the United States.

Google also plans to restore full access to office amenities like fitness centers, cafeterias, music and game rooms, among others. The company plans to restore full shuttle service.

The tech giant previously planned January return-to-work but the surge in Omicron cases delayed the plan. However, Google allowed employees to voluntarily return to its Mountain View and San Francisco offices if they are fully vaccinated and agreed to wear a mask.

Meanwhile, other tech companies like Meta and Microsoft are also calling employees to re-join the office.

Microsoft employees returned to the office at the Redmond, Washington headquarters this week with the flexibility to work remotely when required. Meta has asked its employees to return to the office from March 28. Twitter employees, on the other hand, get the option to work remotely forever.

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