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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Counting Losses At Safemoon? This Is Why Even $SFM Holders Are Buying $BRISE



Key Points

  • Bitgert has its own Blockchain, unlike Safemoon
  • Bitgert’s ecosystem growth to skyrocket Bitgert price faster than Safemoon
  • Upcoming Brise developments to grow $BRISE price faster than Safemoon

If you feel that Safemoon could make you further losses, then it is the right time to reconsider looking for a worthwhile investment like Bitgert. It is clear that Safemoon has difficulties stabilizing during bearish markets while Bitgert has been putting impressive performance. At the time of this writing, Bitgert price was $0.0000003865 with a prospective explosion to $0.000001 by the end of August.

Safemoon may project a slight growth this month, from the current $0.0004041 to $0.0008082, according to predictions. Therefore, Bitgert and Safemoon have a huge difference in growth rates, whereby Safemoon is extremely slow. Here are reasons why even Safemoon holders are now accumulating Bitgert:

Bitgert is a Fast-growing Ecosystem than Safemoon

Bitgert has exhibited major domination over Safemoon due to the fast-growing ecosystem. Bitgert completed the roadmap V1 just 200 days after launch, something that Safemoon has really struggled with for more than a year now. Roadmap V2 delivery is already on course, hence opening wider room for more Bitgert products than Safemoon may take years to achieve. Unlike Safemoon, Bitgert has a lot of upcoming disruptive products, hence the high chances of making huge profits.

Bitgert BRC20 Chain

Unlike Safemoon, Bitgert has worked progressively towards establishing and adopting its own Blockchain, BRC20. Today, Bitgert holders are granted the chance to enjoy the zero gas fee and high transaction speeds of up to 100K TPS. The BRC20 Blockchain has literary convinced Safemoon holders to dish out their Safemoon holdings and enjoy zero gas fee on Bitgert.

Upcoming Bitgert Developments To Outperform Safemoon

The Bitgert ecosystem has been on an upward growth trend, which is expected to remain as such even in the future. It is already in the public knowledge that some core developments are about to complement the Bitgert ecosystem, hence giving Safemoon major competition. The decentralized marketplaces will increase the Bitgert price bigger than Safemoon upon launching. So Safemoon holders may not experience the kind of growth that Bitgert offers.

Centcex has also played a major role in boosting the price of Bitgert since the collaboration was made with BRISE. The Bitgert ecosystem is far beyond Safemoon now, courtesy of what Centcex offers. The bottom line is that Bitgert has the potential to make Safemoon holders buying BRISE bigger profits.

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