Cleanliness Essay

“Cleanliness is Godliness” is a famous saying that we would have come across at some point in time. The crux of it stands testimony of the importance that cleanliness has in our lives.

Cleanliness is a state of being clean and hygienic. It means that one is clean and germ free on the one hand and neat and presentable on the other hand. This way we can understand cleanliness as a continuum of neatness and hygiene. Cleanliness can be important in two aspects- one is the benefit derived from being clean and the second is the problems that arise from the lack of cleanliness.

Cleanliness is an important element of health living. The health of the individual and their ability to be illness free depends on how clean they are. There are several ways in which we can contract illness and germs can enter our body. It reduces the chances of infectious diseases and other related health issues. Many cases of fatal illnesses especially in the underdeveloped world are due to the lack of hygiene. Cleanliness has a holistic impact on the mental health of the person. The person is more productive, experiences positive emotions and expresses the same.

Being clean also has aesthetic benefits. Would you prefer a clean road with small garden patches or a road with garbage dumps in every corner? The neat small patches of grass in the corners of the road add an aesthetic value to our journey. Cleanliness has an aesthetic appeal be it in the surrounding on in the individual. Cleanliness improves the appearance of the individual. They would come across as respectable individuals. Often, individuals are looked down upon when they are not clean or do not maintain their surroundings clean.

Cleanliness is an important an important virtue in the society. Not only does it saves lives and reduces suffering, it is an important element that makes us human. Cleanliness has health as well as aesthetic benefits and also contributes to efficient functioning of mankind. Let us take it upon ourselves to ensure that cleanliness is a part of our lives and is imparted to the next generations to come.

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