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Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL) Hoping Against Hope for Rebound; Last Chance to Get Into Flasko (FLSK) Presale Looms

Cardano flasko

Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL) are exemplary instances of cryptocurrencies that have done a 100x many times over for their presale and earliest investors. However, those that bought Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL) at the height of the 2021 bullrun have been holding heavy bags since – and they aren’t getting any lighter anytime soon.

Fortunately, the crypto space is full of opportunities, even in the thick of bear markets – the same ones that can deliver returns that Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL) once did to their earliest adopters. One of those is Flasko  – and time is fast running out to get into it before it takes off.


Cardano (ADA): A Very Long Way From ATH Levels

Cardano (ADA) was once valued at $90 billion at its all-time high of $3 last August 2021. But despite the recent Cardano (ADA) Vasil network upgrades – which, in theory, is expected to bolster development activity, reduce fees, and improve performance on the smart contract platform.

However, Cardano (ADA) investors are sweating bullets as far as Cardano (ADA) ever reaching its ATH levels anytime in the near future. Cardano (ADA) has seen its market cap dwindle all the way down to $14 billion with less than 8% of that amount under its Total Value Locked – extremely low compared to blockchain ecosystems further down the list.


Solana (SOL): Security Issues Undermining Price

Solana (SOL) is another success story. We all remember the meteoric rise of Solana (SOL) last year, where it hit all-time highs of $260 – quite the accomplishment considering Solana (SOL) presale prices were at $0.22.

However, since its unprecedented rise, Solana (SOL) has constantly faced security incidents, hacks, DDOS attacks, and blockchain outages on more than a few occasions. Solana (SOL) holders and users have dealt with them in an excruciating fashion – to the tune of millions of dollars drained from their wallets. None of Solana (SOL) and its features are worth investing in if it can’t even handle its security properly – and its flagging prices are proof positive of that.


Flasko (FLSK): Making Alternative Investments Accessible to All

Alternative investments are on the spotlight as the world spirals into another full-blown recession. But for the longest time, investing in alternative assets has been exclusively the realm of high net worth individuals and institutional investors.

Presale token Flasko is changing all of that. Flasko is building an alternative investment protocol focused on the rare wines, whiskeys, and champagnes asset class – one that has outperformed traditional equities in recent decades.

Best yet, Flasko is still on presale at just $0.077 per Flasko token, making it an unmissable opportunity to invest in a protocol with real utility, asset backing in the form of Flasko’s world-class selection of vintage wines, whiskeys, and champagnes, and long-term viability as evidenced by Flasko devs locking up platform liquidity for 33 years and passing a full audit by Solid Proof. If you missed out on Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL), now is your chance to get in on the ground floor of an investment protocol that will surely skyrocket in 2022 moving forward. Especially as influential cryptocurrency figures have predicted that the Flasko token could reach $2.40 by February 2023.

Website: https://flasko.io

Presale: https://presale.flasko.io

Telegram: https://t.me/flaskoio

Twitter: https://twitter.com/flasko_io

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