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Brief Note on Thermal Power in India

Thermal Power in India

Thermal electricity generation contributes around 75% of India’s power supply.

In a thermal power station electricity is generated by burning coal in a furnace. In the boiler, this heat is utilized to produce steam at high temperature and pressured. This steam is utilized to run the steam turbine which in turn is coupled with the generator producing electricity.

Thermal power production causers intense air pollution.

Singrauli and Rihand in U.P., Talcher in Orissa, Ramagundam in A.P., Vindhyachal in M.P. and Farakka in West Bengal are some of the major thermal power stations of the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) of India.

Kolaghat Thermal Power Station (KTPS), Bandel Thermal Power Station (BTPS) and Titagarh Thermal Power Station are examples of state-level thermal power stations in West Bengal.

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