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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Bitgert Price Explodes 2X In 24 Hours As Litecoin and Bitcoin Remain Stable



Bitgert price projections have formed the biggest point of discussion in the market, with most crypto analysts listing the $BRISE among the tokens to watch in 2022. Bitgert has, on the other hand, been showing its potential by posting frequent Price spikes.

The latest Bitgert price spike was in the third week of this month, where Bitgert $BRISE posted a +200% growth in just 24 hours. This is the biggest price growth in the market right now and comes at a time when Bitgert and Litecoin prices have been tumbling.

Several dynamics playing out in the Bitgert, Bitcoin, and Litecoin projects affect their price performances. The Bitgert team is working on making $BRISE one of the best crypto investments in the market. Important to note is the massive Bitgert developments that the Bitgert team is working on.

The recent Bitgert price spike was largely triggered by the August updates the Bitgert team announced via the Twitter handle. The updates brought into light key developments coming up, including the Venture capitalists and the tier-1 exchange auditing of the Bitgert token. These are major highlights that skyrocketed the Bitgert price this week.

The Bitgert team updating the Brise BRC20 blockchain nodes is another development that has given Bitgert much attention from the crypto community. Bitgert BRC20 chain adoption has been impressive because of its zero gas fee and the 100k TPS. With the nodes upgrade, the Bitgert blockchain will be more efficient.

Bitgert price 200% spike has also been driven by the Bitgert roadmap V2 products that the Brise team is currently working on. This includes some of the products the Centcex team is building for the Bitgert ecosystem. Another important factor we must add is the 100s of Startup Studio projects coming on the Bitgert chain.

While Bitgert has been skyrocketing this week, Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) have remained stable. Both Bitcoin and Litecoin have posted a decline in price over the last few days. Bitcoin dropped below the $24k mark when the Bitgert was surging.

However, Bitcoin and Litecoin have impressive developments coming up. The Bitcoin adoption as a payment method and storage of value is expected to keep making Bitcoin bullish this year. Litecoin is also growing bigger as a payment method, but the Litecoin ecosystem growth will make the price do well.

However, Bitgert is still the most promising crypto investment compared to Litecoin and Bitcoin. This is because Bitgert has the potential to explode 100x this year, a growth that Bitcoin and Litecoin can’t match.

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