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Beginner-Friendly Staking with Oryen Network Attracts Major Holders of Uniswap, Dogecoin, and Fantom

Oryen Network

As the DeFi craze continues to sweep across the crypto world, more and more investors are looking for ways to get involved. One of the most popular methods for earning yield on your crypto holdings is staking.

While staking can be a great way to earn some extra income, it can also be confusing and intimidating for those new to crypto. Fortunately, the Oryen Network is here to help. 

Staking with Oryen Network is as simple as holding the ORY token in your personal wallet and receiving rewards for helping to secure the network. There’s no need to run a full node or set up any special equipment. 

Oryen’s novel staking techniques have garnered widespread interest, especially from Uniswap, Dogecoin, and Fanton communities.


Staking on Oryen Network

Oryen has recently appeared on the DeFi horizon, intending to make staking easy and approachable for all skill levels. The team has developed an OAT system, Oryen Autostaking Technic, that operates with smart contracts and guarantees hourly rebasing rewards equivalent to 0.00733% of the total amount of ORY tokens in the wallet.

Notably, the user is not required to lock up a certain amount of tokens in a separate pool, as staking occurs directly through the user’s wallet the moment they make a purchase. These rebasing rewards compound, giving users a 90% guaranteed annual percentage yield. Such high payouts are supported by transaction fees collected on multi-sig wallets, which separately fund liquidity pools, RFV wallets, and treasury. 

Overall, the OAT system and carefully designed tokenomics make Oryen the easiest, most secure staking protocol with the highest fixed rewards.

Oryen Network aims to build a stable, reliable currency with many utilities across multiple chains. The team has already raised over $1 million during the ICO, indicating investors are confident and equally committed to the project’s success.

Oryen is about to open the sixth presale phase at the price of $0.175. This represents a massive 250% gain from the opening price, suggesting immense potential for its future growth and broader adoption.


Uniswap Overview

Uniswap is one of the earliest and biggest decentralized exchanges and the dominating DEX in the Ethereum ecosystem. Uniswap invented the Automated Market Maker concept, in which users contribute Ethereum tokens to Uniswap “liquidity pools,” and algorithms determine market prices based on supply and demand. 

Users can earn incentives while allowing peer-to-peer trading by contributing tokens to Uniswap liquidity pools. 


What’s Dogecoin?

Dogecoin, which uses the same technology as Bitcoin and Litecoin, has been focusing on making the blockchain quicker and more accessible. The adoption of Dogecoin by Elon Musk contributed significantly to its success. Additionally, several retail titans, like GameStop and AMC Theaters, have adopted DOGE. However, DOGE is built on speculation, and with its unlimited supply, getting back on the right track is becoming more challenging every day. 


How does Fantom work?

Using the Fantom blockchain network, you can complete a transaction in under a second for a minimal fee. Payments, digital authentication, and medical records are among its primary use cases. Staking is possible using FTM, Fantom’s native token. 


The bottom line

With the crypto market overwhelmed by volatility and complexity, Oryen has entered as a simple and go-to solution with guaranteed return rates, realistic potentials, and recognition from analysts.


Learn More From Here:

Join Presale: https://presale.oryennetwork.io/register

Website: https://oryennetwork.io/

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