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Bear Run Sinks Shiba Inu To ‘5 Zeroes’ As Bitgert (BRISE) Fights Back

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu

Key Points:

  • Shiba Inu is strongly in the ‘5 zeroes’ zone now
  • The Shiba Inu selling pressure has skyrocketed
  • Bitgert is putting a strong fight against bears

The crypto market is bleeding again today, and the fall is thunderous. At the time of this writing, the global crypto market cap had dropped 8.53% in the past 24 hours. Shiba Inu and Bitgert (BRISE) are among the coins that have been greatly hit by the crashing crypto markets. Shiba Inu is 15.8% down in the past 24 hours, while Bitgert has kept the price stable:

But let’s start by looking at the Bitgert performance:

Bitgert is among the crypto coins putting up a big fight against bears. Bitgert has viciously fought back the bearish market today, and this is seen from the Bitgert price performance. The Bitgert price has been stable and is among the coins posting just a marginal decline in the past 24 hours.

It is important to note that Bitgert has been one of the coins posting impressive community growth this year. The number of Bitgert holders increased to $150k in just a few weeks. So Bitgert community is growing when the Shiba Inu holders count has been decreasing rapidly.

Bitgert has managed to wither Fed’s driven selling pressure by building disruptive products that are getting massive adoption. The Bitgert BRC20 chain remains the most adopted blockchain. This is because Bitgert has zero gas fee mechanisms. Bitgert is also the fastest chain at 100k TPS. With a gas fee of $0.0000000000001, the Bitgert chain stands out as the most affordable blockchain today.

The Bitgert team has already announced major developments coming up. This includes disruptive Bitgert products that the Bitgert roadmap V2 is adding to the chain. With hundreds of Bitgert projects coming up, Bitgert has got everything to fight back and come out bullish in the next few days.

On the other hand, Shiba Inu is getting it rough.

Shiba Inu has been plummeting for seven months now. In fact, Shiba Inu has lost about 89% of its value since ATH at this writing. This is a huge loss of value in the SHIB token. Unfortunately, there is a feeling that Shiba Inu’s selling pressure might go on for a longer time, especially with Fed’s inflation control.

If the June meeting will hike the Federal Reserve rates, then Shiba Inu is in for another sharp downward trend. Therefore, a lot will be needed to keep Shiba Inu from dropping further. Now that Shiba Inu has dropped to ‘5 zeroes’, the selling pressure is likely to explode.

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