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Autobiography of a Tiger – Short Essay

What am I? I am an Animal. What’s my name? I am Tiger. I belong to the cat family and the jungle is my humble abode. My biological name is Panthera tigris (Linnaeus, 1758). My habitat is Asia, India, Bhutan, China and Siberia. I am also a fantastic swimmer.

I live in a variety of habitat. You can find me in many forests (Bengal tigers) like swampy mangrove forest of the Ganges delta, wet forest, evergreen of Assam, the deciduous forest of Nepal and the thorn forests.

My genus (Panthera) was derived from Old French, Latin and Ancient Greek.


  • I have a skull Structure that is similar to Lion.
  • I have a muscular body with powerful forelimbs.
  • I have a stripe that serves as a camouflage while hunting.
  • I can eat up to 50 pounds (23 kilograms) in a day.
  • My stripe is still visible even when my hairs/furs are shaved.
  • My stripe is unique in the sense that no member of my family (other tigers) has the same stripe has me. This is just like fingerprints in Human.
  • I am a male, I am larger than my fellow female and I have larger forepaw pad than females, this makes my gender to be know from the track left while walking or hunting. I also weigh more than females.
  • I am comfortable in the water and I usually bathe in it.


There are 3890 of me left, I am an endangered species, I am subjected to habitat destruction, human hunt me for my fur.

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