Autobiography of a 1000 Rupee Note – Short Essay

I am a 1000 rupee note. My life is a tough one. I am writing my autobiography and I am going to tell some of the sad parts of my life. I started off as a highly valuable paper note. I was the highest value note in India. People used to care for me. They didn’t use to write any numbers or any random stuff on me. They knew I am a prestigious note.

Most of my life, I was only accompanied by my fellow 1000 rupee notes. We used to stay together in bundles of cash which valued more than lakhs and crores. I loved to stay in the bank. I felt very safe there. They used to keep me in a small cabin with my friends, and because I was a bit naughty, they used to tie a rubber band upon me.

The worst place where I ever lived was the ATM machine. I used to be stuffed there under a large stack of cash. The worst part was when I had to come out of the machine. The thumping and thrusting machine used to give me a hard bashing every time before throwing me out. I don’t know what was wrong with the machine but, it used to behave in a very disrespectful manner. It used to think that it has many notes like me in its stomach and that it’s superior to me. But, it never knew that eventually, I and my friends were the ones responsible for its existence. It was present because of us! After the machine used to throw me out, a hand would pluck me, fold me and keep me in a wallet with other inferior notes. I used to hate it there. The inferior ones used to look at me with such jealousy that, it was unbearable.

I used to stay there and endure until the human hand would come and pull me out. Then I would tease the inferior notes, only to go into the custody of a vendor. Then, a huge drawer would become my home. But now, I have lost all the value and, I am writing this autobiography, sitting in a chunk of garbage!

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