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8 Weird Royal Habits Of King Charles You’ll Be Surprised To Know

King Charles weird habits

We have all watched films about the British monarchy and the Royal family. There are lots of records, videos, books, and shows that give us an idea about how British Royalty lives and dines. The life of the Royals seems fancy and a lot of people are smitten with the Royal family. The personal lives of the residents of the palace are seldom made public but most of us are curious about them. The recent death of Queen Elizabeth II shook the nation. The throne has now been passed to King Charles III.

People have started to closely follow his routine, from his public appearances to the ‘the pen fiasco’. His ‘picky’ habits have been a topic of discussion among many.

Some of his fussy habits were leaked previously by Princess Diana’s butler that gained him the nickname ‘the pampered prince’. When you are born into a royal family, certain privileges are a given and it is normal for an heir to the throne to develop a taste for ‘finer’ things. But some of these habits are too ‘precise’ even for royalty.

king charles iii coronation day time

Here we will enlighten you with some strange habits of King Charles III that you will be delighted to know:

1. Ironed shoelaces

Ironed shoelaces? Weird isn’t it? In the documentary Serving the Royals: Inside The Firm, ex-Butler of King Charles, Paul Burrell revealed that receiving ironed flat shoelaces is one of the morning habits of King Charles. It seems you can come up with absurd habits if you are privileged enough.


2. Taking his own toilet seat

What? Yes, King Charles makes sure to carry his toilet seat and Kleenex Velvet toilet paper whenever and wherever he travels according to a New York Post article that cited Tina Brown’s recent book The Palace Papers.


3. No lunch policy

The king likes to skip his lunch, and the reason for his refusal to eat lunch is mostly because it is a part of his routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you have watched the popular web series The Crown, you might be aware of the lunch scene in one of its episodes. His strict no lunch policy affects his staff as they tend to miss their lunch when they’re traveling with him for foreign visits or tours.


4. Getting the toothpaste squeezed on his brush

The king is fussy even when it comes to his toothpaste. It has been pointed out by the staff that every morning the King’s valets have to squeeze just about ‘an inch’ of toothpaste on his brush.


5. Carrying his own furniture to friends’ country houses

From the above-mentioned habits, you can clearly make it out that there are several things that travel with the King. Well, according to reports, King Charles likes to carry his bed, furniture, and even photographs when he visits places like friends’ country houses. They are shipped in a van and are unloaded before his arrival.

Strange habits of King Charles III

6. The King talks to his plants

The king is said to have a keen interest in gardening and he has always been an advocate of using eco-friendly methods. He once spoke about his habit of talking to plants as it has been proven to be healthy for plants. King Charles III even shared that he also shakes hands with them. Weird habit indeed!


7. He is picky about the temperature of biscuits and cheese

The king is very particular in insisting on warming his cheese and biscuits to a precise temperature, or else, he doesn’t like having them. His staff always has to carry a warming tray around after most of his meals just in case because they cannot afford to risk it.


8. Picky about the eggs in his breakfast

King Charles is so particular about his breakfast eggs that multiple eggs are boiled for him in order to serve him the perfect hard-boiled egg as per his taste. On several occasions, it has been reported and discussed that the king adheres to the same breakfast almost every day. Well, it must be a struggle to please him.

king charles iii coronation day

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