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8 Foods To Eat On New Year’s Eve For a Lucky 2022

Do you think 2021 has been one of the unluckiest years of your life? Have you told your parents to wake you up when 2021 ends? Has wiping off the year 2021 from the calendar been on your mind? If you’re nodding your head in unison, then join the gang. While we can’t undo the year 2021, we can definitely pat ourselves on the back for successfully making it through this challenging year. Since the year 2021 hasn’t been a lucky one for most of us, we can certainly do a little bit to welcome lady luck in 2022.  So here are 8 foods you can eat on New Year’s eve for a lucky 2022.

1. Cake

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding or anniversary party, any celebration seems incomplete without a cake. So this New Year’s eve, get a lovely cake not only to complete your celebration but to also bring in lots of luck.  The Greeks gorge on Vasilopita or a basil pie cake. This is only prepared and eaten on New Year’s eve. Enjoyed on greek New Year, this bready cake topped with almonds is baked with a coin or trinket. And the person who gets a slice of the cake with the coin is blessed with good luck for the year ahead. If you wish to bake your own cake and eat it too, then here’s a great recipe. 


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2. Noodles

Noodles are a symbolism of longevity thanks to their long shape. And that’s the reason why the Japanese and Chinese devour long noodles on New Year’s Eve. As a custom, people slurp on long noodles without cutting or breaking them. Once you put a noodle in your mouth, it must be consumed as a whole, without breaking it in order to bring in lots of luck happiness and long life in the coming year.

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3. Lentils

If Dal Chawal wasn’t on the menu for your New Year’s Eve dinner, then maybe you should rethink your dinner plans. Italian households devour lentil meal at midnight along with pork and sausages. Since the lentils are shaped like round coins, it signifies financial prosperity for the year. Similarly, Americans eat black-eyed peas or lobia, which they believe brings prosperity for the coming year. Here’s a history of your favourite Dal Chawal meal, khichdi. 

4. Pork

In Cuba, a pig symbolises growth and progress in the coming year. So it’s customary for people to consume bacon or pork around New Year’s time. Families also gorge on cookies and baked goodies resembling a pig. So whether it’s ham sandwiches, pork chops or just bacon and eggs,  if you plan to ring in the New Year with pork, then you can definitely devour it while bringing in lots of progress in your life. 

lucky foods for new year5. Fruits

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in style by devouring fruits. Should we cheekily wish you a Happy Fruity Year? To be more specific, you can start by gorging on grapes. In Spain and Mexico, people eat 12 grapes when the clock strikes midnight, to bring in luck for each month of the year. So just like Gloria in Modern Family, grapes might be your lucky charm for 2021. In Greece, pomegranate seeds symbolise fertility, life and abundance. So munch on pomegranate seeds this New Year’s eve. And if you love fruits in general, then don’t be shy, be like the Filipinos. They celebrate the New Year’s Eve with round fruits like mangoes and watermelons to bring in oodles of luck for the year. Fruits will also boost your mood and reduce stress. 

6. Green Vegetables

Don’t be green with envy on the happening New Year parties of your friends. Just eat your greens, and you’d probably bring in lots of luck for 2021. Green vegetables like cabbage, spinach, broccoli,  mustard greens are said to represent money. Danish eat kale with cinnamon and sugar. Many Americans celebrate the New Year’s eve with cooked collards with pork. So, the more greens you’ll eat, the more fortune you’d have in the coming year ahead. Apart from luck, you’d add a lot of fibre, vitamins and antioxidants in your body. So it’s a green, green situation.

lucky foods for new year

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7. Fish

Bring in the Fish and Chips, Pomfret Rava Fry and Macher Jhol, because fish symbolises abundance. Since fish swim forward and the scales of fish symbolise silver, it’s considered lucky New Year food. In Germany, some people place fish scales in their wallet for good luck. The Japanese devour fish for prosperity and shrimp for long life. In some countries, the entire fish is served to symbolise the end of one year and beginning of another.

lucky foods for new year

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8. Grains

Grains like rice, risotto, oats, barley and quinoa symbolise abundance since they swell when cooked. In Indian mythology, rice is used in most religious ceremonies as it’s believed to soak up negativity and bad omens. People in Sweden and Finland devour a rice pudding as a lucky dessert. Many Latin countries savour rice and beans for the New Year. In order to bring in abundant luck for New Year, consume rice when the clock strikes twelve, and say cheers to happiness.

lucky foods for new year

So, folks, these are 8 of the best foods you must consume to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style. Most importantly, wish you a very Happy & Safe New Year 2021!

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