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6 Things You Should Never Order From Room Service & Here’s Why!

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Room service is a travel indulgence most of us would love to experience. Just the thought of relaxing on the soft white hotel bed and enjoying a fancy dish delivered directly at our door gets us super excited. Now, while this scene seems picture-perfect in movies and our dreams, should we really do this? Well, we hate to break the bubble, but room service isn’t always as fancy as it may seem. And sometimes, ordering simple food is the better choice. So here are 6 things you should never order from room service. These are best avoidable for various reasons like maintaining the aroma of the room, for the sake of your health or for the sheer reason that it will certainly end up in a disappointment.

1. Coffee

Ordering a hot cup of coffee up to our room is something most of us do without even a second thought. But it’s high time we put a brake on this. That’s because most hotels don’t brew a fresh pot of coffee for everyone who orders a cup. So, this means your “fresh” coffee could actually be a few hours old. It could be burnt, grainy or stale. If they aren’t brewing fresh coffee for you, it’s best to avoid it. You’d be better off using the kettle in your room to prepare coffee.

things you should never order on room service

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2. Eggs

Craving a fancy breakfast in bed? Well, avoid the eggs at all costs. Whether it’s perfectly poached, scrambled or boiled, eggs are a big no for room service. That’s because breakfast foods like eggs, don’t travel well under room-service lids. Scrambled eggs begin to lose heat and taste, the minute it leaves the pan. It ends up tasting cold and chewy. Similarly, a well-cooked runny yolk, won’t be so runny by the time it reaches your room. Moreover, eggs have a sulphurous smell that ends up percolating into every corner of the room. You end up ordering perfectly cooked eggs but get a disappointing consolation for a dish and an awful smelling room.

things you should never order on room service

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3. Fried Foods

Vacation time calls for chucking the diet and ordering in the cheat meals. But if you’re planning to order fried chicken, french fries, pakoras or any other fried food through room service, think again. Fried food doesn’t travel well under steamy room-service dishes. By the time your fried snack reaches your room, it ends up being soggy and rubbery. It loses its best part the crunchy texture. However, Buffalo chicken or Gobi Manchurian can be an exception. Fried food with a coating of hot sauce, keeps the food warmer for longer and can be a better room service dish than french fries or fried chicken.

things you should never order on room service

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4. Steak

Rare, medium-rare, well-done, however, you’d prefer your steak, never order it through room service. The reason behind it is that steak cooks in its own heat, as it goes on a road trip from the hotel’s kitchen downstairs to your 15th-floor room. It will end up a lot more “well done” than what you’d have ordered. If you’re still hell-bent on ordering steak, ensure you ask it to be at least one step rarer than what you’d usually want. The best choice would still be to enjoy a perfectly cooked steak at the hotel’s fine-dining restaurant, where it’s brought straight from the kitchen to your table.

things you should never order on room service

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5. Avocados

If you’ve ever eaten or cooked avocados, you’d know that this fruit changes colour faster than a chameleon. It discolours at such a fast rate that it turns from a bright green colour to pale brown in just a matter of a few minutes. It also doesn’t taste quite the same. That avocado on toast is a luxury fancy breakfast treat. But delivered to your room? Expect brown avocado on toast. It may not look or taste the way you’d dreamed of.

things you should never order on room service

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6. Any Type Of Fancy Food

To summarise this list, we recommend you always keep your room service order simple. Forget the fancy, luxurious, indulgent orders. There’s no point splurging on that as they will never live up to your expectations. The same dish served in the hotel’s restaurant would taste a whole lot worse when served to your room. A bowl of dal-rice, chicken curry with rotis would taste heavenly, irrespective of where you have it. Hot, fresh and texture intact. Happy ordering!

things you should never order on room service

So, these are the 6 different foods you should never order from room service. We hope this list and our advice would come in handy the next time you go on an indulgent vacation,

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