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5 Tips To Save On Your Next Trip To Goa

Goa is always on the list of people who love travelling. It is also the first preference when people feel like going away from the city’s hustle and bustle. As glamourous as it sounds, trip to Goa can also be expensive at times. The people who have been there at least once know this. But do not worry, Goa can be experienced affordably too. Wondering how? Read below.

1. Travel During The Off-Season

I know travelling to Goa seems a lot enticing during summers but it gets a bit heavy on the pocket. Even ringing on the New Year there is not a good idea if you think of saving some money. The best time to travel can be January, February, late September to late November. You can save a lot of money then. You can save almost 50% of your money.


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2. Try Local Food Stalls

Instead of going to these famous cafes and restaurants, you can try the local food stalls there. They have double benefits because you will get to taste the local delicacy and easy on pockets too. Many food stalls serve tasty dishes at affordable prices.

3. Book Hostels

Hostels or hostels are something a lot of people are going for. Instead of staying in hotels which are too expensive, you can try hostels. They add to your experience in Goa. Staying in a hostel is very affordable and the vibes are very chill. So don’t miss the hostel experience.

4. Rent A Bike

You can rent a bike or a car to roam around the city. You should not travel by travel operated vehicles because they charge a bomb. So renting a bike is easy on the pocket and also gives you the liberty to explore. Riding a bike in goa is again a superb experience. The maximum you can do is rent a car if you are with a bigger group.

5. Use Trusted Sources

If at all you think of booking accommodation or renting vehicle, make sure you go for trusted sources. There are a lot of fake agents in Goa who charge a lot of money from travellers. So better to go for sources that can be easily trusted.

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