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5 Reasons Bitgert Has Become A Major Concern To Ethereum Team

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Key Highlights:

  • Bitgert zero gas fee is a major concern for the Ethereum project
  • Bitgert fast delivery is threatening the likes of Ethereum Domination
  • The Bitgert fast-growing utility is a concern to Ethereum

Bitgert (BRISE) is not only one of the most popular coins in the market right now but also one of the coins giving major cryptocurrencies a hard time. The Bitgert project has become a growing concern for most blockchain projects, and one of them is Ethereum.

The Ethereum team is increasingly getting concerned by the fast adoption that the Bitgert coin is getting. But what is driving the mass adoption of Bitgert, bigger than Ethereum? Well, the Bitgert team has developed one of the most exciting blockchain projects. Here are 5 reasons Ethereum is concerned:

1. Zero Gas Fee Blockchain Adoption

The Ethereum project is highly concerned about the massive adoption of the Bitgert chain. The Bitgert chain is currently more adopted than Ethereum. In fact, Bitgert adoption rate has been way above the likes of Ethereum. The zero gas fee chain is the reason why Ethereum is growing concerned. The Brise chain gas fee is $0.00000001, which is thousands of times lower than Ethereum. Not even Ethereum 2.0 can go lower than the Bitgert chain. So the zero gas fee is one of the major concerns for Ethereum.

Faster Growing Bitgert Ecosystem

The other reason Ethereum is concerned about Bitgert is the fast ecosystem growth. The Bitgert team has so many developments coming up and has also delivered so much in a short time. If this continues, Bitgert will have the potential to overtake Ethereum. With the Bitgert roadmap V2 products coming up, Ethereum has more reasons to be concerned.

Bitgert Backed Projects (1000+)

There are 1000+ Bitgert backed projects coming up on the chain in the next few months. This Bitgert move has attracted Ethereum attention. The Bitgert startup studio will be a major factor in the mass adoption of the Bitgert blockchain. Ethereum has no such products.

Bitgert Fast Growing Utility

The Bitgert bridge has enabled many other blockchains, like Ethereum, to communicate with the BRC20 chain, while USDT/USDC bridge enables users from these blockchains to move their stablecoins to the Brise chain. The growing Brise chain utility is a concern to Ethereum.

Decentralized Market Places

There are many decentralized marketplaces the Brise team is launching on the BRC20 chain. These products are going to grow Bitgert adoption and increase the Ethereum competition. That’s why Ethereum is concerned.

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