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5 modification ideas Maruti Jimny buyers in India could try!

The main attraction of the Auto Expo this year was Maruti Suzuki Jimny 5-door. The global unveil of the Jimny 5-door was done at the Expo and Maruti also started accepting bookings for the same, Maruti has already received over 9,000 bookings for the upcoming SUV. Maruti is expected to launch this 5-door SUV in the next couple of months. Jimny 3-door was already available in the international market and there are several modified examples of the same. Once Maruti launches Jimny in India, we hope to see several modified versions on our roads too. Here we have 5 such ideas that would help Maruti Jimny buyers during the modification process in India.

Jimny G-Wagen

The Jimny as we all know has a very boxy-looking design to it. Due to the boxy shape, many people abroad have installed body kits on the 3-door version to make it look like a G-Wagen. Design-wise, the 5-door version also looks the same and we feel, the same body kit along with a set of new and larger alloy wheels would look appealing on the Jimny 5-door too. Soon after the launch, we expect several customizers to come up with body kits for the 5-door variant.

Jimny Defender

Suzuki Jimny Defender Kit 2

Another iconic SUV that has a boxy design is Defender. Once again Jimny would look great with a Defender body kit on it. The bonnet, front grille and headlamps, bumpers would all be upgraded as part of the conversion. The wheels would also be upgraded to get a proportionate look. This could also be a modification idea for Jimny owners who want a rugged look for their new SUV.

200 Hp Jimny

Engine specifications of the Jimny 5-door are already available on the internet. It will be powered by the same old K15B engine as the 3-door version. If you are a person who does not like to play with the exterior look of the SUV, you can always tune the engine for better performance. There are several custom-built Jimny SUVs abroad that generate as much as 200 Hp. A stock Jimny generates 103 Bhp. The one seen here is a Jimny 3-door modified by AutoPlus, which is a custom house based in the Philippines. It is the most powerful Jimny in the world and it comes with a turbo kit, custom fuel injection system and a new ECU.

Drift ready Jimny

Jimny is a proper 4×4 SUV. When 4×4 is not engaged, the power from the engine is sent to the rear wheels. Just like other Jimny SUVs, this one also will get a body kit however, it would give a different look. The car seen here has been lowered and it comes with custom front and rear bumper, aftermarket wheels finished in body colour, and low profile wide tyres.

Retro looking Jimny

If you don’t like the modern-day Jimny, you can always go back and make it look like the older generations. The SUV in the pictures is a 3-door version that has been neatly customized to look like the first-generation LJ10 Jimny. The front fascia and bumpers have been replaced along with steel rims and chunky off-road spec tyres to make it look like the older SUV. The paint job is also helping a lot in this case. We are sure that this body kit will be available for the 5-door version too.

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