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5 Delicious Rolls You Must Eat In Dubai For A Quick Snack

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Rolls are famed for street food across the world. From UAE’s homegrown Nakanak to the Canadian Lobster Roll, Sandwich rolls have formed an essential component of street food. And we all have our favourite style of having these rolls and dipping the Rolls in tangy Chutney doing it the street food style to having it in the form of your favourite junk food aka chips.

There is a whole world of Rolls imbibing different forms of street food and cuisines. And in UAE, you are sure to find them all. So here we bring you the best rolls from across the world all available in Dubai across price ranges.

1. Kebab Rolls at Emly Chilli

Seekh Kebab Roll

(Credits: Emly Chilli)

This Pakistani restaurant serves up delicious Pakistani style street food. Their much-famed Kebab roles are deliciously wrapped kebabs in hot and crispy parathas. So you can take your favourite Kebab pick. They have tikkas, Bihari kebabs, seekh kebabs and much more both in beef and chicken. For the ones who want to have lighter rolls, their Chicken Fajita option is great too! Served with chutneys, this one is a perfect roll to have on the go.

Where: Mamzar and Bur Dubai
When: 11:30 AM- 12 PM
Price: AED 15-17 each
Contact: 04 396 1309

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2. Nakanak at Abdullah Omar Cafeteria

Oman Chips Roll

(Credit: Instagram)

A homegrown sandwich roll- the Nakanak, is a favourite amongst the student crowd. The classic Nakanak has a flaky Malabar styled Paratha rolled with crushed and crispy Oman Chips dripped in Cheese and lots of hot sauce. This perfectly done spicy goody comes in various add ons with some folks adding chicken and potato onto their Nakanaks. While a lot of cafeterias around the UAE have begun serving this quick bite cheap goody, our favourite is Abdullah Omar at DSO.

Where: Eppco Station, DSO
When: 6:00 AM- 11:30 PM
Price: AED4.5 -AED 8
Contact: 04 272 4362

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3. Roti Rollers

Rolls in dubai

(Credits: Roti Rollers)

Wonder what it would be like to fine dine with your good old street food? At Roti Rollers, this is exactly what they do. Serve up great Indian street food styles Rolls with a touch of gourmet in the upscale La Mer. So have your Rolls with the creaminess of Avacados with their Chicken tikka roll called Up All Night To Get Plucky or go Paneer and beetroot with their Robert Paneer-O.

Where: La Mer
When: 10 AM- 12 PM
Price: AED 30-35
Contact: 04 526 0444

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4. Paratha n Rolls


(Credits: Facebook)

Craving dynamite shrimps and worried that you cannot gorge on this delicacy on the go? Paratha n Rolls in Bur Dubai saves you! Try their Dynamite Shrimp roll only for AED 15 as they serve the creamy and spicy dynamite shrimps in the form of desi street food. Their rolls also have vegetarian options with Chana Masala roll and Vegetarian Munchurin Rolls.

Where: Meena Bazaar
When: 8 AM- 11 PM
Price: AED 12- AED 15
Contact: 800 4767

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5. Lobster Roll at Burger & Lobster

(Credits: Facebook)

Now here’s a roll that’s famed to the British and Canadian Maritime. Made of Lobster meat sandwiched between a grilled hot dog bun, this one is the delicious goodness of a seafood roll! Burger & Lobster serve four variants of the famed Lobster Roll so you can choose to give your Lobster an Asian touch with The Seven Samurai or go classic with The Original. Burger & Lobster is one of the best spots in Dubai to have a Lobster roll.

Where: DIFC
When: 12PM- 12AM
Price: AED 105-127 per roll
Contact: 04 514 8838

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