5 Countries That Have Issued Expiry Dates For COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates

If you’re living with the idea that getting fully vaccinated will make you eligible for travelling in the long run, it’s time to wake up. According to experts, the immunity coverage of many vaccines we’re taking now might expire by mid-2022. So, what’s the solution? As COVID-19 is not showing signs of completely fading away, some countries have now set expiry dates for COVID-19 vaccination certificates. This means, after the expiry date, you need to take a booster dose of the vaccine. These 5 countries that already set expiry dates for jabs and more countries are expected to follow.

1. Croatia

Croatia will accept a full vaccination certificate for a maximum period of one year. Earlier, it was set as nine months. Now the country has extended the validation period to a year.


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2. Austria

In Austria, the full vaccination certificate will remain valid for 360 days for 2 dose vaccines. For single-dose vaccines, the validity will be till 270 days from the 22nd day of the vaccine.

3. Switzerland

Switzerland will consider a full vaccination certificate valid for a period of 12 months.

4. Vietnam

Vietnam will permit quarantine-free entry of a limited number of fully vaccinated international tourists to the picturesque Phu Quoc island. The 2nd dose must be received at least 14 days before the arrival and not more than 12 months before arrival.

5. Israel

Israel is issuing COVID Green Passes for entry to indoor venues. But passes for fully vaccinated visitors or those recovered from COVID-19 will remain valid for a period of six months, from the date of full vaccination or recovery.

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