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10 Incredible Chiweenie Facts

Have you heard about Chiweenies?

Chiweenies are small-sized, crossbred dogs. Chihuahuas and dachshunds are their parents.

Chiweenies are the perfect dog breed for owners looking for a loyal companion that doesn’t require a lot of grooming. Just get ready for a bit of noise. Chiweenies love barking, yapping, and making all sorts of silly sounds.

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What else should you know about this adorable breed? Read on to learn 10 incredible Chiweenie facts.

Chiweenies Were an Accident

Tiny Chiweenie puppy lying on a gray sofa.
The first Chiweenie puppies were an accident.

Anna Hoychuk/Shutterstock.com

First, on our list of incredible Chiweenie facts, they came to be by accident! Chiweenies weren’t always an intentional choice. The first Chiweenie puppies were an accidental occurrence.

It wasn’t until the 1990s that people began intentionally breeding dachshunds and chihuahuas. The goal throughout breeding was to keep the dachshunds in modest stature while reducing their likelihood of back problems.

Sometimes Chiweenies look like the perfect combination of a Dachshund and chihuahua. Other times, the pups take on more of one parent’s characteristics instead of both. No matter what they look like, Chiweenies are intelligent and easy to train.

Sometimes They’re Called Choxies

Chiweenie’s have a ton of nicknames. Chiweenie might already seem like the perfect name for a dachshund chihuahua breed mix. However, creative dog owners are coming up with more fun options, like choxies!

Because of their adorable size and fun parentage, it’s easy to come up with hilarious nicknames. Take, for instance, the Mexican hot dog or the German taco. Finally, a Chiweenie might be called a doxihuahua or a cheewie.

They Have Famous Cousins

Chihuahuas and Daschunds make a chiweenie.

Jan Dix/Shutterstock.com

Chiweenie’s Chihuahua cousins have starred in a lot of movies. You can find Chihuahuas in films such as legally blonde, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and Sex in the City. They’re also prevalent throughout ancient Mexican paintings.

Dachshunds also have their claim to fame. Famous dachshund owners include the artist Pablo Picasso and the actress Mary Tyler Moore. It’ll be fun to see what type of fame Chiweenies claim for themselves!

Chiweenies Aren’t Purebred Pups

Next, on our list of incredible Chiweenie facts, they aren’t purebred. The American Kennel Club registered the first official Chihuahua in 1904. But Chiweenie’s are still unregistered and will likely stay that way.

The American Kennel Club recognizes 136 dog breeds. However, Chiweenies are an iconic crossbreed between Chihuahuas and dachshunds. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

The differences in appearance make it impossible to establish any purebred Chiweenie standards. However, there are some standard physical traits.

Chiweenies tend to have long, small bodies. They also have long tails that shake and wiggle. It’s normal for a Chiweenie to have more than one color. However, they can be all tan.

They Make the Perfect Lap Dog

If you’re looking for a dog that wants to hang out with you on the couch, get a Chiweenie. They’re the perfect lap dog. While Chiweenies love to run around and play, their happiest place is sitting on your lap. You’ll find that your Chiweenie is always waiting to get an ear scratch in.

These small dogs require more attention than a lot of large breeds. You should only plan on getting a Chiweenie if you’re going to be able to spend a lot of time with them. Since they can live anywhere from 12 to 15 years, you’ll invest in a decade-long friend.

Chiweenies Are Great Watch Dogs

A cute Chiweenie playing in the woods.
Chiweenies’ alert vocal nature makes them great watch dogs.


When you think of a watchdog, you might think of a large Doberman Pinscher or rough and tough Rottweiler. However, small Chiweenies can also help protect the household. Chiweenies are so protective and alert; they’re great at alerting homeowners to danger.

These energetic, small pooches have a spunky attitude and unique zest for life. As a designer breed, you’ll find that Chiweenies possess a nearly boundless confidence level. Your pup won’t have any problems speaking up if they think there’s something you need to know about.

You Can Exercise a Chiweenie in Under 30 Minutes

If you get a large dog, exercising them can become a chore. You’ll need a large yard or the time to take your dog on long walks. Chiweenie owners don’t have this problem.

Even though Chiweenies possess a nearly boundless energy level, they’re easy to exercise. Their small stature means their exercise needs can be met in less than an hour. A half-hour of walking around with your Chiweenie or playing with them is all they need.

Since dachshunds were initially bred to hunt rodents, they have one of the most robust prey drives. The parent breed passes this drive on to the Chiweenies. Even though Chiweenies won’t show any interest in hunting, they’ll be happy to funnel that energy towards chasing a ball.

Chiweenies Know How to Handle the Heat

Heat tolerance; is another admirable trait to add to these incredible Chiweenie facts. A Chiweenie can handle the heat like a pro.

Dogs that have oversized thick coats are more susceptible to overheating. So are breeds like bulldogs and pugs who have short noses. The short snouts make it difficult for the dogs to pant efficiently enough to cool themselves off.

Thankfully, Chiweenies don’t have either of these issues. They have perfect snouts and short coats.

Chiweenies love staying indoors but will be comfortable outside on humid days. However, you’ll want to avoid exercising your Chiweenie in the extreme heat.

Conversely, Chiweenies aren’t the best at dealing with cold weather. They have very little body fat and no undercoat. Owners might want to buy their Chiweenie a sweater or a jacket for chilly walks. It’ll keep them toasty and look make them even cuter.

There’s a Famous Chiweenie Named Tuna

The Chiweenies adorable appearance is helping it gain internet fame! Take, for instance, the Chiweenie named Tuna, who has over 2 million Instagram followers.

Tuna is 10 years old, has an adorable exaggerated overbite, and a super shrivelled neck. The charming hybrid was originally abandoned near San Diego.

Thankfully, volunteers were able to rescue the Chiweenie and put it up for adoption in a Los Angeles farmer’s market. That’s how Tuna found its forever home with Courtney. Adopted by Courtney Dasher in 2010, Tuna has become an internet sensation.

Chiweenies Have Complex Dental Needs

CHIHUAHUA TEETH - A vet showing their teeth
Chiweenies have complex dental needs.


Last on our list of incredible Chiweenie facts; they have complex dental needs. Caring for your Chiweenies coat will be easy, but their teeth are another story.

The Chihuahua breed has soft teeth. This makes them vulnerable to the bacteria that can cause gum infection, tooth decay, and tooth loss. They passed their dental traits on to the Chiweenie hybrid.

By the time they’re four to five months old, the Chiweenie puppy can start breaking into its permanent adult canines. As long as you brush your Chiweenies teeth as a puppy, they’ll get used to the task.

It’s a good idea to start using the toothbrush without any paste. Once the Chiweenie gets comfortable with the feeling, you can begin adding on canine toothpaste. Before you know it, your dog will accept toothbrushing as a regular part of their day.

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